Professional Portfolios and Personal Branding

In my Social Media Theory and Strategies class, we have been assigned to create personal learning plans for something that is either course-related or interesting to us. I have chosen to create an online website/portfolio as well as a physical portfolio that will act as a foundation to my personal brand. These portfolios will display the work I have done for my internship at Baptist Memorial Health Care Corporation, as a freelance writer and as a student.

I have chosen to do this as my personal learning plan because I believe it is important to have examples of my work to show to potential employers. I believe having a digital and hard copy of a portfolio is best for reasons of convenience and flexibility.

Through my personal learning plan, my goals are to create a physical and online portfolio to share with prospective employers and develop a foundation of my personal brand to build upon.

As I have been researching methods of creating my portfolios, I have come across several useful references.

I came upon this image on Pinterest and thought it was a helpful reference that would tell me what I should include on my online portfolio. I really like how this online portfolio is divided into sections, which I may copy for my actual online portfolio. I believe that it has all the fitting sections for me to display information about my experience, education and skills.

Another useful image that I found on Pinterest that is relevant to my Personal Learning Network was about crafting the perfect resume. My PLN will also feature my resume within my portfolios and this is useful in providing information about what is standard for a resume, how to be more creative, and etc.

As I begin the process of actually creating my online and physical portfolios and incorporating my resume into it, I will greatly benefit from these resources that will give me ideas as to what is appropriate and necessary in portfolios.


2 thoughts on “Professional Portfolios and Personal Branding

  1. I completely agree with your philosophy about having an online resumé/portfolio that will ‘bulk up’ your actual paper-copy. In today’s world where technology runs rampant, it is essential to have something that sets us aside from the other applicants–even if it is as simple as an online resumé. It’s easier to carry around than an actual portfolio and is just as useful.

    I really liked how you incorporated Pinterest into your post. A lot of people consider Pinterest as a great place to plan your home, dinners and wedding but it’s more than that. There are endless resources for resumés and helpful tips as well as infographics. I need to keep in mind that Google is not the only option when searching for helpful information regarding my online resumé/portfolio.

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