Post-election reflections

Tuesday night, November 6, 2012, was a very important day of this year… and I’m sure we all know why, or at least I sure hope so! That was the day that would reveal whether or not our current president, Barack Obama, would serve for a second term of four years or if Mitt Romney would have his shot at being president and leading the United States.

While the election results were covered on almost every local and national news station, social media sites also played a large role in election night. Social media exploded during this year’s election day, with more than 31 million election-related tweets.

While I am a active user of social media, I definitely was NOT on the night of the election. I personally chose to watch the results on MSNBC rather than read my news feed of biased, extreme and ridiculous posts.

When I logged on for just a minute, several people that I follow stated that they would move out of the country and to Canada or Europe or some other country if one of the candidates became president.. I’m sorry but have you done your research on the government system in those countries before you state that you will be moving there?  Canada is much more socialized compared to the United States with free healthcare, free college, no gun rights, etc. There’s also a good chance that their government isn’t as stable as ours either… just saying.

Here is a map of the countries that provide universal health care

As I conclude my rant and post-election thoughts, I would like to point out the forgetfulness of Americans because at this point, almost 3 days after the election, there are barely any more political posts.. isn’t it kinda funny how at the moment people are freaking out and making extreme claims and now they’ve moved on to making extreme claims or freaking out about something else? It just tickles me!

Anyways, I will conclude with this… Just a friendly reminder for those who actively use social media, myself included: don’t forget about the concept of permanence on social media.. your ignorant tweets could possibly come back and haunt you one day…


One thought on “Post-election reflections

  1. I liked what you had to say. People are so ignorant about what they tweet not realizing what they are saying. That’s why I try to avoid tweeting about things I’m not educated on. I think it is important that people know that what they say could very well “come back and haunt” them one day.

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