For the past few months, I have had the opportunity to be a part of the leadership team for the Southeast Journalism Conference that was hosted by Union. As a member, I assisted in the planning process and help with the conference. This conference allowed me to utilize some skills pertaining to my major with the planning process. As a PR major, I will, in the future, be responsible for planning events and conferences and what-not on behalf of the company or organization that I may work with. While we have been planning for almost 6 months for this conference that lasted about 3 days, it was a rewarding experience to hear how happy the attendants of the conference were with the outcome and speakers. 

Cardinal & Cream, Union’s student-run newspaper, printed a story today about what happens to a student at the university if they were to become pregnant while enrolled as a student. It was definitely a very interesting and well-written piece that revealed to readers that the university would find a way to accommodate the student. Though she would not be able to live on campus after a certain point of her pregnancy, the university would not expel of kick the student out, which was the shocker for me.

Prior to this article, I, as well as many others of this university, believed that students would be automatically expelled, no question about it. However, its been revealed to me that situations like this are handled with grace by the university.

This opened my eyes to how quick we are to assume that scary situations, like becoming pregnant, are handled without grace and we automatically assume the worst. As Christians, we should not be quick to judge others and have grace upon them. This article and several events of this week has shown me that grace is necessary.

Wish Granting

Wish Granting

This past weekend was such a blessing to me. As a volunteer with Make-A-Wish of the Mid-South, I was able to grant the wish of this sweet boy, Chance, who was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and a mitochondrial disorder when he was 3 years old. We sent him on a scavenger hunt throughout the city and had him solve riddles to find his next stop and pick up clues that ultimately led to his reveal.