Time, it’s not really on my side..


With spring break approaching and in the midst of midterms, we can all agree that we are all experiencing some stress. I know that personally, I am a planner and a list-maker, so one can only imagine what my daily planner looks like and how many different sticky notes are in there with various to-do lists.

With so much going on, time is an important element of our day. Without managing it well, we are not able to do as much as we can and some of our day ends up being wasted by doing nothing or something that isn’t of high priority. This is why time management is key during stressful, busy times like now.

Here are a few tips for time management:

  1. Know your priorities: When you know what’s most important to you, you’ll become more deliberate about how you spend your time.
  2. Write out your to-dos, appointments and etc. : Keeping to-dos and appointments in your head only adds to your stress. And it makes it much harder to prioritize your activities. Use a calendar, to-do list, planner, smart phone or tablet to track these obligations, and then, use your brain power for getting them done.
  3. Choose what you say “yes” to and know how to say “no”: When you say “yes” to one activity or task, you’re ultimately saying “no” to something else. Use your priorities as a filter to decide which tasks and activities to say yes to and which ones to say no to.

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